Inbox Pro lead generation management.

Simplify lead management: Connect with clients from one spot

Many businesses are looking for ways to simplify lead management. How a business gathers leads and the time it takes to respond are factors in closing a sale and keeping customers. With the importance of an online presence, it is challenging to gather and track leads and messages from different sources. Inbox Pro, via our Online Presence platform, takes that process and brings much of your messaging and lead generation together.

Inbox Pro lead generation management.Saving time is a top priority when looking for ways to simplify lead management. Many businesses have messages spread across platforms like their website, Facebook, and Google. Logging in and checking each is time-consuming and requires several logins, two-factor authentications, and steps that take away from time you could use to communicate with leads. Inbox Pro takes all those lead-generating locations and pulls them into one place. This allows you to quickly see which leads are the most promising and respond without jumping from platform to platform.

Features of Inbox Pro

Inbox Pro has several features that help further improve the lead management and communication process. You can register a phone number that can be used to contact clients via text, you can automatically respond to messages without leaving the platform, and you can communicate internally with your team about leads without losing valuable context. This also helps keep leads from slipping through the cracks.
Your website is a great resource for generating leads, and Inbox Pro helps you pull leads from there. It allows you to add a customizable AI-assisted chatbot to your website that helps answer customer questions and capture information about them, including their name, phone number, and email. These leads automatically enter your contact list in the Online Presence platform. This list can help system automation to send reminders and updates through texts and emails.

If you want to simplify lead management and customer communication, contact us to learn more about our powerful Inbox Pro and Online Presence Business App platform. Call (239) 465-0310 to learn more about what this platform can do. ActiveData’s team of marketing experts is here to help you with everything from websites to advertising.

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