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About ActiveData Digital Marketing

We provide value, peace of mind and amazing results. It's all about doing it right from the start.

ActiveData Digital Marketing is a “first priorities” digital marketing agency located in Naples, FL, focused on the marketing strategies and products most effective with today’s consumers. There are certain priorities a business must focus on before moving their company and their marketing to the next level. We believe in building a strong foundation with your website and digital presence while building a plan for the future. For example, if you don't have a strong, responsive website, we won't waste a client's money on digital advertising that leads people back to a website that won't yield any results.

Custom Plans

We develop a marketing strategy customized for you with your input.

You Own It

You will own your web domain, social accounts, email marketing account and have access.

The Total Package

We can handle all your marketing needs so you have one point of contact & a consistent message.


We won't hold you or your website hostage. Our plans are monthly.

Why Choose Us?

ActiveData is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in digital strategies and implementation. Your traditional marketing tactics, social media, website, PPC, SEO, mobile app, email marketing, search engine marketing, promotional products — basically everything you do — should work together to maximize your potential.

Your marketing is much more effective when it works in unison. We’re your one point of contact to get your message out through every channel. It’s much more efficient and cost-effective.

Strategy & Consulting

A successful marketing strategy looks at the overall mission and ensures that all tactics are driven toward that same mission. We review your current strategy or help you develop one so we have a consistent plan to drive your business that meets your needs.

innovative technology

Technology changes rapidly and most businesses can’t keep up with the best tools to promote business. We know the importance of staying ahead of the curve so we are constantly looking for the new, more effective tools. We vet them and ensure they are right for our clients.

Measuring success

Our name should tell you how serious we are about making your data work for you. It’s important to monitor and measure the success of each of your marketing tactics so you can reduce expenses that don’t work and maximize what does. We can help you determine your ROI.

Our Process


We work with you to develop a strategy that integrates with your company’s mission, core values and goals.


From graphic design to digital deployment, we execute your plan in the most efficient and effective way.


Analytics are a key part to measure success. You have access to your stats or we can interpret them for you.

Need something specific?
We'll build it!

We can develop any plan you need to fit your budget and help you grow your business.

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