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Get a chatbot that uses AI to answer questions 24/7!

Leverage the power of ChatGPT to boost business. Our AI chatbot gives you a 24/7 digital assistant that can answer 80% of your customers' questions. If there's a more complex question or a potential hot lead, the chatbot can pass them off to someone on your team. It can increase lead conversions up to 40%.

Although most chatbots can take hours to set up questions and map out answers, you can create an AI chatbot in minutes. ChatGPT uses the power of AI to automatically ingest your WordPress website content to become knowledgeable about your business. As you update your website, the AI continues to learn and adapt.

The chat can capture contact information like name, email and/or phone number. It can also pass leads off to a person on your team, who can respond using text messaging. There's no need to download special software to use ChatGPT.

You will receive transcripts and analytics to review and optimize your chatbot and website. This information will not only provide lead follow-ups but also help identify opportunities on your website. You'll know what questions potential customers want answered, and you can build out the content on your website to answer those questions. We can help you create that content or even redesign your website.

This marketing tool can help you improve responsiveness to current clients and prospects. Your ChatGPT chatbot will be branded for your business and answer specific questions pertaining to your business. There's no need for additional software, complicated flow charts, or an annual subscription.

If you are concerned about how customers will feel about it, Business Insider reports that about half of the people who use chatbots don't care if the support is an agent or AI-powered chatbot. With this chatbot, you get the best of both worlds — AI and hand-off to a real person.

Give it a try on our website. Just look in the lower right corner and ask a question!

ChatGPT chatbot example


  • Easy to launch, easy to learn

  • Answers questions 24/7

  • Trains & retrains itself as content changes

  • Passes leads, complicated questions to a real person

  • Increases responsiveness and lead conversions

  • Captures contact information for follow up

  • No software to download or learn

  • Customizable for your brand

Why Use a Chatbot?


55% of businesses make more sales using chatbots


90% of complaints are tackled using chatbots instantly
(MIT Technology)


34% prefer communicating to a customer agent via chatbot

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