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AI marketing solutions: Can they do it all?

AI marketing solutions are everywhere, but what are they, and how can you take advantage of them, and can they do all your marketing for you? Unlike the Artificial Intelligence you see in media, the AI in the real world isn’t robots and sentient cars. That doesn’t mean it can’t be as helpful as they are.

There are many different types of AI with differing specialties. They often work together to give the person using them the desired result. Machine learning is AI that uses statistics to analyze data. This AI gets better as it works through more data. Natural language processing AI is what you will find behind ChatGPT and similar technology. It uses language rules and statistics to understand and create copy. Semantic AI measures sentiment in things like search queries and reviews.

How is AI used in marketing?

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AI is quickly growing in marketing. According to Salesforce, the number of marketing leaders using AI exploded from 29% in 2018 to a massive 84% in 2020. AI marketing solutions are becoming the norm, and for good reason. Retail TouchPoints found that as many as 36% of consumers believe marketing should become more personalized, a labor-intensive task without AI.

The places AI is found in marketing today extend to everything from data analysis to content creation. AI tools help brands gather and understand the conversation about them online. It also automates tasks like E-mail delivery for e-commerce businesses and helps identify target audiences for advertising campaigns. AI powers many website chatbots to help answer consumer questions and capture leads without always needing someone on standby.

Content creation is where AI can save a lot of time for both businesses and marketers. AI tools can generate blogs and social media content with text and images and build entire websites from scratch.

Can AI do all my marketing for me?

No. At least not yet. Despite this seemingly endless number of things AI can do, it still requires work to polish into a finished product for consumers. AI marketing solutions are not a comprehensive “do it for me” product. Even if AI could do it all, a final check by a person is the best way to ensure you get what you want. Today, it is still essential to check content created by AI for grammar mistakes, factual accuracy, and other discrepancies that come with a new technology.

At ActiveData Digital Marketing, we use AI to improve the efficiency of tasks you would otherwise spend hours or even days working through. Everything from content suggestions for social media posts to understanding the sentiment associated with your reviews uses AI in our Online Presence platform. Contact us or call (239) 465-0310 to learn how we leverage AI to help you meet your marketing and business goals.

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