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ChatGPT Chatbot uses AI to assist customers

A ChatGPT Chatbot is a chatbot that uses AI to learn your business and quickly answer website visitors’ questions, shortening the time between contact and conversion. It can answer about 80% of customer questions and increase your conversion rate by about 40%. Visitors can also be passed on to a real person.

You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT. It’s a hot topic that seems to pop up everywhere on the Internet, social media, in email promotions, and videos. You can ask an AI chat any question you want, and you usually get back a pretty good answer.

ChatGPT Chatbot illustration showing how an AI chatbot can answer questionsFor businesses, this technology offers an amazing opportunity to improve customer service and engagement as well as boost revenue. You can get a ChatGPT Chatbot specifically for your website to learn about your business. It is branded for your business and ingests the information on your WordPress website so that it can answer consumer questions specific to your business.

It’s easy to set up and takes only a few minutes. Once it’s connected to your site, it uses AI to quickly absorb all the content on your site. As you update content on your site, it retrains itself to have the most accurate, current information. You don’t have to create complicated maps and flow charts to answer questions and keep revising them.

It provides instant customer interaction 24/7. Since it can answer about 80% of consumer questions, it can help generate more sales and help retain customers. It can also save employees time if they don’t have to answer basic customer service questions that a chatbot can easily answer.

If there are more complicated questions that need to be addressed by a person or there’s a hot lead, the chat can be passed off to a person on your team. They can even respond via text message no matter where they are. There’s no software to download or complicated applications to learn.

In addition to helping consumers, your ChatGPT chatbot can help employees answer questions quicker. It can help them quickly access information about products and services. If you have an Intranet, employees can just ask a question rather than spend valuable time searching for an answer.

Another benefit is that you can easily identify opportunities to improve your website. You’ll quickly learn what questions your website answers well and where you need to do some work. At ActiveData Digital Marketing, we can help you identify those areas and build out the content.

Our ChatGPT Chatbot can help your business with external and internal efficiency to help boost business. Give the chatbot on our website a try to see how it works.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are a few statistics.

Why ChatGPT Chatbot?

  • Provide customer support 24/7 without hiring more employees
  • Set up in minutes & easy to use
  • 90% of complaints are resolved with chatbots instantly (MIT Technology)
  • 55% of businesses using chatbots see more sales (Drift)
  • 42% of potential customers used chatbots while buying products online (Drift)
  • 34% prefer talking to customer service via chatbot (Statista)
  • 64% of employees say they can focus on other aspects of their job with a chatbot handling customer support (SalesForce)
  • It’s estimated this year that 70% of white-collar workers will use chatbots on a daily basis (Gartner)

Ready to give it a try? Contact ActiveData Digital Marketing to get your ChatGPT AI Chatbot today! Call (239) 465-0310.

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