As Mobile Marketing Grows so will the Business Need for Expertise (Demo)

Every day more and more companies and going Mobile by adding a Mobile Website, Mobile App and/or SMS Marketing Program to their overall Marketing Mix. These businesses realize that they need to be where their customers are… on Mobile. However, that does not mean that challenges don’t exist. According to June, 2014 poll by Ascend2, reported by eMarketer, “lack of knowledge about the tactic was the No. 1 hurdle to mobile marketing success.”
Nearly 40% of marketing professionals worldwide said that a lack of in-house expertise was the leading challenge to achieving success with mobile marketing. Though most companies planned to increase their mobile marketing spending this year, budget limitations were the second-biggest problem, which Ascend2 noted could lead to less hiring of professionals equipped with the appropriate skill sets.

Limited in-house expertise had led marketers to turn to outside for mobile marketing. More than two-thirds of respondents reported outsourcing at least part of these efforts, while just 31% were doing everything in-house.

Ascend2 found that 42% of marketers — so, not even close to all — were using mobile marketing, and the same percentage planned to do so in the future. As marketers continue to adopt mobile marketing it’s likely that finding in-house expertise or developing a partnership with an experienced mobile marketing agency partner will become critical to their success.

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