News releases helpful for informing and searching (Demo)

News releases helpful for informing and searching

News releases are a way to bridge the gap in communication between a company and their audiences, whether they are current or prospective customers.

Marketers need to utilize traditional public relations tactics such as pitching influencers and distributing news releases. Added to that, Google is also looking for organic, original branded content. This fresh content helps in your website’s analytics score which will help increase your ranking in searches.

These tactics drive web traffic to your site, which attract more leads in demand generation.

News releases also amplify your brand’s thought leadership which makes you more reliable and trustworthy, building your credibility over your competitors.

HOW DO YOU DO IT? Use this inverted triangle to help with the structure of your PR news release.

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More questions to ask yourself are:  What is your call-to-action? Who should you quote?

Depending on your desired audience, you want to write a specific type of news release.  It can either be “newsy” – impart information about particular subject relating to your business or “feature” – for media outlets to run or use as a story idea on their own.

When preparing a news release, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it timely?
  • Are prominent figures involved?
  • What is the proximity – does it impact local audiences or a wider scope?
  • Is something unusual/catchy happening in your company?
  • What is the human interest angle – ask yourself “so what, who will care?”
  • Is there conflict of any kind that needs to be addressed?
  • Do you have new or breaking info on a particular subject or issue within your business?

When writing the release, remember to use an active, conversational tone and to use short, easy-to-read paragraphs.

News releases that are placed on your website are good for social media sharing and content marketing, search engine optimization, community/conversation and earned credibility.

Smart News Releases use the same structure as traditional news releases, however, they have more info that can be searched for online and include content that media might use for a story. They might include: hyperlinks to photos, videos, graphics, charts, website and social media URLs, etc. These releases can reach bloggers and invested audiences and help you gain better, credible SEO.

There are several methods to distribute news releases, but the most common are through media lists or wire services. Media lists vary from company to company as they are customized based on local contacts that usually cover your brand/industry. Wire services such as and help create, enhance and target content — and then allocate resources and measure results.

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